What We Do

We write software for other folks. Sometimes we are converting from an existing system, and sometimes we are writing from scratch. We have a slightly different take on software development than many in our field. To check out whether our way of working with you in producing the software you want, check out our description in Application Development. Also coming: Level 1-2-3 apps, helping small and medium business increase productivity where they need is with fixed prices, and delivery in 2, 4 or 6 weeks. Stay tune.

We provide custom training. There will be many great training resources for Lianja, including offerings from the Lianja company itself. Our training, as with our emphasis on Application Development, is focused on your experience in your business context. We find out about your needs and your existing capabilities, and then design the training to fit your company. Check out our way of providing training in our Custom Training description.

We provide mentoring. Our learning never stops ('fessing up here: that's why we develop software, so we'll never get bored). Neither should yours. In fact, you can't afford to let learning stop. A lot of what we have learned in 20+ years of software development will only get transferred to you in context: namely, the context of your own software. And then there are the new things that are always coming out. Check out our Mentoring program: it will change the level of your software development.

How We Do It

Our own Tools are the technological key to our style of software development. Our tools reflect our emphasis on managing information complexity inherent in real-world business software development: the kinds of complexity that don't need to be addressed in "sample apps." We never stop learning, and we never stop making our tools better. As we learn more, we put that into our tools. Check out Our Tools.

Lianja is the foundation of our current software development. We looked for many years (10 to be exact, ever since .Net was released, and we concluded that the .Net style of development would not fit with how we developed software). It is an incredible product that does incredible things. It is everything that we wanted, and we are extremely grateful that it exists. Software development would be less joy and more drudgery without it. For why, check out Why Lianja?

Our story is worth knowing: where we came from does say something about us. It all begins in 1994, when one of us was writing a book... For the rest of the story, you'll need to read Our History