Level 1-2-3 Apps for SMBs

Small to medium businesses are inherently efficient, or at least have the potential to be inherently efficient, as decisions are made close to the action. In Systems theory terms, the SMB is a closely integrated system.

Points of pain for SMBs often arise because of integration needs, whether it’s off-the-shelf software that doesn’t talk to other off-the-shelf software, or missing pieces in the software puzzle. These pieces tend to be small, but can have major impact.

Using our tools, small apps that fill in the cracks can be produced quickly and cheaply. We are calling those Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 applications. These applications will all run on a local network, but also be accessible by secure connection from the internet. The applications will, as all our applications do, be accessible by computer, tablet, or phone.

The levels describe complexity, time to delivery, and cost. Level 1 delivers in 2 weeks and costs $2,000 including provision and installation of the Cloud Server software on one of your computers. The Cloud Server serves up the apps on your network and, if you wish, over the internet. Level 2 is 4 weeks, $4,000, Level 3 is 6 weeks, $6,000.

We like Level 1 apps the best: breaking a large problem into easily solvable little problems has the best likelihood of success, in life and in software development.

We will ask you what makes this expenditure worth it to you. Why? Because if you’re looking forward to having the software because it solves something you want solved, you will be motivated to work with us and make it work. If you’re doing it because you are forced to, well, let’s say the result often is not pretty.

We will have our level123.com website operational shortly, so we can lay out the process and so forth in greater detail, in its own context.